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About Xiang He and her claypot

Every bite is fragrant

Changsha Xiangta Her Catering Management Co., Ltd., its brand of incense, her clams began in 2003, has opened more than 500 stores nationwide, is a domestic high-end fast food star catering brand, set restaurant chain, food research and development, A large-scale food technology enterprise with a full-industry chain of food production and professional equipment manufacturing. The Central China and South China Central Plants, which have invested heavily in construction, have become the benchmark for the modernization, standardization and food safety of Chinese fast food dishes in the region. The company has established Changsha, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Guangxi and other offices to establish a nationwide Chinese fast food production, cold chain distribution and brand support network. The company is currently in the stage of rapid development, and has the qualification of “franchising” issued by the Ministry of Commerce. It is determined to build “Xiang He She” as a national famous brand of fast food, and make the world full of incense.

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